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Entrepreneurs are on the ultimate quest to discover best practices. Naturally, with new clients, most want to know “How do other gyms handle apparel?” After hundreds of consultations, here is what most people do:

  • They don’t preorder. They order 150 shirts when their membership is only 100 members “just in case we grow”. 
  • They don’t order with purpose. Specifically, they are randomly ordering “stuff” because they haven’t ordered in a while. 
  • They are selling their shirts for no profit because “apparel is free marketing”. 

Now, if you want to be more specific: “How do your clients handle apparel?”

  • They are consistent with the preorder. They collect the money up front. They order limited inventory and order only the most popular sizes. 
  • They are on an apparel plan. They have a strategy as to when to order and to take advantage of key times throughout the year to sell apparel. For example, offering a Murph shirt as a way to get a definite headcount for the event. Also, having a hoodie designed and ready to preorder in anticipation of the first cold Fall morning. These items are offered with purpose and our clients are confident knowing when to order so they are never behind.
  • Finally, they have a purpose for the profit from their shirts. They are not depositing it into a big account where the money gets mixed with everything else. They know the profit from their shirts goes towards a staff retreat, extra loan payment, or member appreciation party. 

If you’re ready to get on an apparel plan and really organize your retail, reach out and schedule a call today. 



CrossFit Finest has been getting their custom apparel from us for a while now, and we’ve helped them come up with some fantastic designs in that time. Here’s what they say about working with us…

I first discovered Forever Fierce after reading lots of positive reviews on social media, and that led me to reach out to Matt. This was shortly after we’d purchased our CrossFit gym, and we wanted to brand the new colors and logo on our shirts quickly. We already had a vendor at the time, but they just didn’t get what we wanted to do. We wanted someone who could understand our vision and act quickly.

We weren’t disappointed! Matt responded in lightning speed, and we connected on the phone shortly after. Matt listened carefully to what I wanted, but he also challenged my thinking. I knew he wanted to knock it out of the park for me, and from the moment I hung up the phone I knew we had our new merchandising vendor.

There is so much to say about how FF has improved our business. For a start, they make branding so much easier. Then there’s the product quality—our athletes are always very complimentary of all the items we get from Forever Fierce. I love getting samples prior to every order, and that way I can confirm I’m happy with everything before making the order.

And then there’s just the fact they are so fast and so reliable—every time. A while ago we were getting set up for a street fair in Metuchen, NJ. I’d been working with another company to create a banner, but they couldn’t do it in time. I turned to FF, and (no surprises) they delivered. At this point, I pretty much go to Forever Fierce for everything.

While Forever Fierce is a business like we are, I feel they truly care about our growth. I really do see them as part of the CrossFit Finest team rather than just a company we do business with. They provide feedback on what sells and what doesn’t, and that’s been so useful. Their priority isn’t just making money—it’s knowing what is right for us and our athletes. Their ethics and integrity speak volumes to me.

As for our favorite design, I would say this has been our zip-up hoodies. At a very high level, I told Forever Fierce what my vision was and they delivered on the first try. This has been our best seller—although I have high hopes for our baseball style shirts for the spring.