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The only question we've been asking ourselves this year is: "How can we make this easier for gym owners?". With the apparel plan, we took the reminders off your plate. With our latest idea, we're taking over your apparel marketing.

One thing that we've realized over the past year: Most gyms need help with their apparel marketing. 

One facebook post is not marketing.

One Instagram post is not marketing.

A printed of the design taped to the front desk is not marketing.

So, what's the best way to promote your apparel? The best way involves ALL of the ways you contact clients. It requires a consistent message with clear calls to action. 

Giving ANYONE this task is a massive undertaking. It requires time, effort, and experience.

So, instead of passing this off to your head coach or GM, we're doing this for you. We're taking our decade of experience selling apparel to affiliates and their members and making it available to you. 

For all clients, we're now providing them with copy and paste templates.

For example, if you're holding a 7 day preorder, I will send you a message everyday the preorder is live and give you specific instructions on what to write and where to post it. I just need you to follow the directions. 

The math is really simple. If you sell 10-15% more on just 4 apparel orders, it's a 50% increase on the year. That's a FULL apparel order worth of profit just by copying and pasting these templates!

Simply ask your rep how to get these messages for your 7 or 10 day preorder.


While we are proponents of the preorder method, it is inevitable that someone misses out on the preorder that you wish had a shirt or tank. If you're looking to add inventory keep reading...

Our friends at CrossFit Dover came up with a responsible way to add inventory to any order. It's simple:

3 extras in the most popular size

2 extras in the 2nd most popular size

1 extra in the 3rd most popular size. 

Scale this as you wish (in multiples of 3, 4, 5) But this is a responsible and low cost way to add inventory to any order. 


Summer is just around the corner and that means…it’s drop in season. Many of you will see a bunch of new visitors in the coming months and we’re here to get you set with a plan on how to tackle drop in tees.

You’re probably stuck because: you’ve been preordering apparel. That means you have very low inventory- or none at all. So, let’s start here: we’re going to break a rule: You need to take on some inventory. Again, this is only for those who have a consistent flow of drop ins and visitors. 

You might be wondering: “Why can’t we put this on your website and when someone visits, they can go to the website and order a shirt?”… The issue is this: apparel items are “impulse buys”. See it, buy it. People want the item right then and there. It’s a souvenir from their trip. They don’t want to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive. So if you have visitors, they want stuff to buy right there and then. 

So how many should you order? I would recommend a basic order of 24 or 37 to start. Don’t go nuts and order 150. We can always reorder these in specific sizes. 

What if I members want to buy these? If you are going to take on inventory, you need to compensate yourself for this. Your members have all year to order apparel and preorder it. The drop in will probably visit once in a lifetime. So, protect that inventory. The best way to protect is with one of the following strategies:

  1. Simply say no. Just say “Sorry, we’ll do an order for the gym soon. I need to keep these for visitors only"
  2. Let price do the talking. If a member wants to buy the shirt, sell the tee for 29.99 instead of 24.99. Keep the price lower for visitors and drop ins. Just don’t let members deplete your stock.

Again, if the shirt is popular, great. Run a preorder for it right there and then. 

Here is check list about what you need to include in drop in designs:

  • Dark tee- Black/Dark grey works best. People wear and buy lots of dark items
  • Logo- Is your gym name and logo clearly on the shirt?
  • City/State- Don't forget the city and state! These are souvenirs for visitors and the city and state are must haves!

Here are some designs we recommend for drop ins: