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Send us an e-mail today to get started

Thanks for checking out our designs for inspiration. The CrossFit Games Open starts next month, and the biggest CrossFit event of the year is one that you want to start preparing for well in advance.
While we can always get designs to you super fast, we always recommend that for big events like this you don’t leave it to the last minute.
The event itself starts on February 22nd, but registration starts as soon as January 11th—so get your tee sorted out soon (i.e. today!)
We’ve can provide any style you want, and in any size to fit all your gym members. So give them something special and reward them for getting involved. They’ll enjoy the sense of belonging that your tee provides, they will love showing off their participation.
It will even provide your gym with some great publicity long after the event ends!
Got a design already? Then send it along and we’ll sort out the FREE mockup. You get to see what it looks like with zero commitment.
Don’t have a design yet? We can help there too. Check out the designs we’ve done in the past to get some inspiration, then let us help you come up with your own design.
You’ll also get your own account manager who you can work with throughout the whole process.
So get in touch! Fire over an email and we’ll sort the rest out so you can equip your team with the best gear to take part in the biggest CrossFit event of the year. 

Send us an e-mail today to get started



Check out our 2017 designs as well: 2017 Open Designs


“I have huge demand for apparel at my gym but I’m out of ideas”… we hear this often from our new clients. We can probably guess why...



Working with Celebration CrossFit over the past few years has been a real pleasure. Erik and Kaycie are great to work with, and we've really enjoyed helping them come up with some fantastic designs.

Here Kaycie explains what it's been like for them working with Forever Fierce …

We first heard about Forever Fierce through a referral about three years ago. We were just starting out, and we were looking for a reputable apparel company. We'd been involved in lots of Zach Even-Esh seminars, and Zach had nothing but great things to say about you guys.   We’re extremely glad that we made the choice to go with Forever Fierce!  

Our first impression of the product was WOW, these shirts are awesome! We'd seen a lot of designs from other vendors, and your designs surpassed them all. It would have been easy to go with a cheaper vendor, but we knew that quality was essential, so we went with Forever Fierce—and it was definitely the right decision!   It's not just the quality of the apparel and the designs that matter. 

With Matt and the team, we get taken care of non-stop. They are always super helpful and they are always there to ensure the designs are amazing.   Even though Forever Fierce has grown into a fitness apparel rock star since we started working together, Matt and the team continue to make us feel like we are their only clients. They truly care about our success, and it shows through in their constant communication.   I'm always asking Matt questions, and he responds within an hour 99% of the time. Having a vendor that you know is always there is reassuring.  

As for our business, working with Forever Fierce has given us a huge boost. Our box is five miles from Disney World, and about 75% of our drop-ins buy a t-shirt. They love the clean edgy design.   Forever Fierce makes it easy to place orders. We do this about once every two months, and we always receive our orders within a week or so with no hassles at all. And whenever we need a new design, Matt and the team get it to us within 24 hours. The service that Forever Fierce provides is by far the best in the industry.   Even better, our clients just eat the apparel up! They love the designs and the quality of the material.   We're even planning to add an e-commerce apparel section to our website soon, as we think that will help to boost our Traveling CrossFitter apparel sales, and we also can’t wait to set up monthly apparel releases with Matt and the team.  

As for our favorite design, it's so hard to choose. Our 2017 CrossFit Open T-shirts and tanks were a huge hit, and our athletes LOVE them. But if I'm honest, I'd have to say all of them are great!