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One question we get pretty often: How often should I order?  For the normal gym with 100-200 members, I suggest organizing an order every two-three months. 

That time span gives your members enough time to budget to purchase apparel on top of your other offerings like PT, challenges, and other events that are paid on top of normal monthly membership dues. 

As basic as this sounds, it allows time to pass. When time passes, seasons change and holidays come and go. Holidays, big events like Murph, and the weather warming up/cooling down offer perfect windows to sell apparel. 

As always, we send our apparel reminders every month. We don’t want you to feel pressure to order every month. It is simply to show you an idea. Lets say you like the idea but it just doesn’t line up with your timing, save it for later and come back when you are ready.

We are offering free apparel planning for our clients. One of the biggest challenges affiliate owners face is staying on top of apparel. So, we decided to take it off your plate. In a 15 minute call, we'll plan out what you should offer in each month and then send out the reminder e-mail with design ideas so that you never miss another apparel idea again. Interested? Shoot us an email: matt@foreverfierce.com to get started!



CrossFit 1836 in Kingwood, TX, came to us a while back, and they’ve launched some awesome designs since then. Here they provide a few insights into how they have managed to improve their business with help from our designs: 

We first heard of Forever Fierce through Two Brain Business, which provides mentorship to gym owners around the world. They recommended your work, so we decided to give you a go and see how it went.

The service was fantastic from the start. The process was no-nonsense, there was no time wasting, and the price was fair so there was no need to even attempt to haggle. It was also clear from the start that your team were all very knowledgeable and honest about the merchandise. 

Since we have started working on designs with FF, one of the major benefits is that it has helped us spend less time on retail and more time on our business and especially our members—which is really helping us grow the business faster.

In the following months and years, this partnership will continue to help us grow further. The most important thing for us is that we will be able to continue to get our name out in the community through our branded merchandise, and in turn that will help us turn a nice profit.

When I look at the designs we’ve done so far, I honestly cannot say which one is my favorite. I would just say all of them—every new piece we get is a new favorite!

One Simple Trick to Make Retail a Priority

One thing we’re finding with our apparel plan calls is that many affiliate owners find apparel to be a chore.  It is just another task to do and because it ranks so low on the priority list, it is the easiest to skip or delay. Unlike other tasks, this one is different because it involves revenue. By skipping or delaying a retail item, you are giving yourself a pay cut for the year. 

Let’s do quick and conservative math….

Say you sell 50 shirts per order and you plan 6 orders throughout the year….

50 shirts sold * $12 (profit assuming the shirt cost $13 each)= $600

600*6= $3,600 of net profit. 

The simple trick to make retail a priority is to make a goal for the yearly profit from apparel. What will you do with an extra $3,600? Will you take your family on a vacation? Will you donate it to your favorite charity? How about paying down that business loan? Set a goal for using that profit somewhere. Set a quarterly check in reminder to hold yourself accountable and to check your progress. 

Interested in an apparel plan for the year? Jump on a 10 minute call with us to plan out your entire year’s worth of apparel and we’ll remind you when it’s time to order and help you stay on track. Just shoot us an email to get started: info@foreverfierce.com