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Our friends at Two Brain Business say this often: many gym owners wrongly assume they need more members. What gym owners  really need is to keep the ones they have. 

What are you doing to keep the members you have now?

In this post, we’re going to help you map out your “Gym Client Journey” and introduce our new rewards program. For as little as $60 per client for the year, you can give yourself significantly better odds of retaining clients (thats $5 per month per client). 

Chris Cooper recently recorded a podcast about this topic . The main thing I took away from this podcast is: you want your clients to feel like they’re winning (minute 18:00). Our new rewards program will do just that. 

I want you to listen to this podcast and starting mapping out your client journey. When you get to the rewards/recognition/badges section, start thinking about milestones.

What are the BIG milestones you want to recognize? Try and think about some time based milestones. For example 100 WODs, 6 month anniversary, 1 year anniversary, etc… 

Did you get a chance to map those BIG milestones for your clients?

Again, the goal here is to make it feel like your clients are winning

Ok so let’s use a very simple template here to visualize this:

Let’s say there are 3 main milestones you want to recognize your members for:

1 month anniversary

100 WODs

1 year anniversary 

Now, let’s figure out what is this worth to you? If a member sticks around for 1 month, what is a reasonable dollar amount to recognize their achievement? 

1 Month Anniversary: $5- A nice $5 gift is a sticker or magnet. People love to slap them on cars, laptops, fridge, etc… It’s a great first step to anchor them to your tribe. 

100 WODs- $15- This is the perfect spot for a tee or tank. This is a great motivator to get someone over the hump. Say they’re at 83 WODs, sending them a reminder that in just about a month’s time, they’ll join the exclusive 100 WOD club!

1 Year Anniversary- $25-35 This is a big deal. With the amount of choice clients have today with fitness programming, for them to stick with you this long is a big accomplishment and you should reward them accordingly. A nice coffee mug or high quality water bottle is a great idea. 

To recap, we’ve only spent $45-55 on a client who’s been with you for a year. That’s about 2% of what they’ve spent with you for the year. 

I’ll keep saying this:  the goal here is to make it feel like your clients are winning. There is no better way to give them this feeling than some thoughtful gifts that show true signs of appreciation. 

We’re offering three tiers that best fits your budget. Each package offers something for a gym of all sizes. 

The more milestones you map out, the great your chances of keeping a client.

Package 1- This is a great introductory package for those who are just starting with a retention package. It’s easy to track 100 WODs. You can find 1-2 milestones for a sticker. If someone stays for a year, they receive a mug. 

Package 2- For those of you have already mapped out your gym client journey, you have clear milestones and know exactly where these pieces would fit into your member lifecycle. The extra water bottles and tees will easily be gone within a year.

Package 3- This package is for the experts. You have a specific purpose for each item. We included lacrosse balls here as an initial gift to include in a new member goodie bag. The lacrosse ball also opens up the conversation about mobility: the importance of it and how you can do some basic mobility exercises at work. The good news is that little ball will be on their desk staring them square in the face all day at work. It will serve as a conversation piece for other co-workers and a reminder to get up and move!

Sound good? Send us an e-mail today today to get started



What do you do with stale inventory that “just won’t sell?”. If you’re like most, you have a clothing rack with a bunch of hand written SALE signs taped to it. While the rack can serve as a reminder for poor retail decisions in the past, more importantly, it sends a powerful message to clients that undermines your ability to sell apparel moving forward. 

The issue: once members see that older items make their way onto the rack, they’ll know to just wait patiently until it gets on the discount rack. Why preorder it? It will just find it’s way in the discount pile!

You may have noticed this if you’ve visited a mall recently: most stores will not offer discount racks anymore. You’ll need to go online to do your discount shopping. J. Crew initiated an aggressive discount policy in their meteoric rise from about 2004-2012. The company noticed customers loved their new apparel, but when asked why they didn’t buy it, their customers said “I’ll just wait for it to go on sale”.  

Try this: If you have some inventory that is stale, just remove it from the shelves, and put it in a back office. “Does this mean I have to throw them out?”. Nope. I guarantee a handful of people will come up to you asking “Where are those shirts? I was going to buy one!”. 

“But, I have a lot of old stuff. Like, a lot": If you have THAT much inventory, I recommend doing a once a year garage sale at a member appreciate event…like a holiday party…or Summer BBQ event. A once a year thing will not undermine your retail if it is done in conjunction with an event because it is a “special” opportunity for members to take advantage of. 


How can we make this process easier? 

We identified two major issues all gym owners face: 

1. Staying "on track" with apparel orders. Most affiliate owners forget to order or get started way too late.

2. Marketing and promoting apparel. We never explained how to properly promote your apparel. We've been working behind the scenes to change that. 

This has been our focus for 2018. A huge step forward for most of our clients has been the apparel plan. We've taken the thought and responsibility for apparel out of our owners hands.

The next step in making apparel easier is marketing automation. We realized that we were turning our owners into apparel reps with little to no training. I may have told you "post everyday and promote this new item"...but I never told you what to post. That changes today.

Our friends at Driven Nutrition are industry leaders in offering supplements in an effective and responsible way to your members. If you work with Driven Nutrition, you're aware of the library of resources and automated options they provide affiliate owners to make every supplement order profitable for any size gym. Their team has been kind and generous enough for us to borrow this idea and adapt it to apparel sales. 

Starting today, simply let your rep know if you're offering a 7 or 10 day pre-order. We're going to send you 7 copy and paste templates that you can use to sell more apparel. No more thinking about what to write or where to post the message: we're doing all of that for you. All I need you to do is copy and paste the wording. It's a low effort activity that will pay huge dividends in the end. And it's 100% free. Check it out: