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Is This Your First Time?

There's a first time for everything! If this is your first time working with us, let's give you some direction and best practices to ensure a smooth ordering process.

Before we send you a mock up: We need some direction. Your sales rep will provide you with a portfolio of our best selling designs of all time. We are constantly working on new and fresh designs. All the designs you see from us are fully customizable for your business. Whether that is garment styles, art colors, or garment color- we can customize everything! If you have your own idea that you would like us make come to life, just send us over the idea and we'll do our best!

After you receive the mock up: What should you do after you receive the mock up? Check it out and let it simmer for a few hours. Quick feedback is usually the worst feedback. So try and avoid giving us your first impression. Get it a half or day or so to settle. Then send us your feedback or edits. This sounds weird and yes we love to move fast and get stuff done but in our experience, letting the design "settle" usually results in the most productive feedback. In terms of showing people the design: Understand and come to terms with the fact that you will not make everyone happy. I have seen owners driver themselves to the brink of insanity trying to please everyone with a design. The design really only needs to work for 50-60% of the gym. Not everyone is going to buy a shirt. That is ok. But it needs to be popular enough to make it worth the effort of running an apparel sale. You will feel when something is an instant no. You will know when something will be an instant hit. Maybe show 2-3 people and that's it. Anything more than that and it becomes a committee and we all know how committees usually work (they don't) :-) .

If you feel like you're stuck or unsure of how to get started or how to streamline the feedback process, simply reach out to your sales rep and let them help you troubleshoot the issue!

Paralyzed With The Process

“I’m paralyzed with selling retail in the gym! Help!”. If you’ve ever been “stuck” with the apparel process, it can be crippling. You have one coach in your ear about how they don’t like the design. You have your spouse in the other ear about how the love the design. Who is right? In this article, we’ll examine the two parts of the process where people get stuck and how to get “unstuck”.

Design- “No one will ever wear this color in the gym!" says your head coach. Is this a fact or opinion? Have they surveyed every single person in the gym about their preferred tank color? No. This is an opinion and a guess.  

As we tell all clients, a good measuring stick for apparel is this: If you’re hitting at least 30-40% of the overall gym membership for retail orders, you are absolutely crushing it and doing great. (Quick math: if you have 100 members, you should aim for 30-40 preorders and then add a few extra in at the end for drop ins and visitors.)

 So if we apply the reverse odds to this, 2/3 people may not like the design for this month. No big deal! The purpose of an apparel plan and strategy is to create 3-6 designs throughout the year that appeal to everyone. That does not mean every order will appeal to every single member. 

Just be at peace knowing the goal is not to satisfy everyone and to sell a tee or tank to every single member in the gym on every single order. 

Logistics- We understand you are very busy and you only have so much bandwidth for “selling”. Luckily, we have 3 unique options to help you stay organized and on top of your apparel sale. We offer 3 preorder tools to help our clients.

  1. Paper and pencil form. Don’t have time to tinker and make a sign up sheet? No problem. Simply ask us for one and we’ll make it for you!
  2. Online form- We can make you a clean online preorder form. Here is an example: https://foreverfierce.com/pages/preorder. It does not collect payment. It is simply an organizational tool. You will need to collect payment from your clients.
  3. Website- We can handle the entire process for you- we would create a private store link for you. We collect the payment and cut you a profit check. If you’re curious to how we structure web stores, simply send us a message and we’ll walk you through how we set up a web store to maximize sales

How to Organize an Apparel Order

Apparel provides the perfect “win-win” opportunity to make a quick and easy $1,000.

In this quick article, I will explain the easiest way to organize an apparel order.

  1. Pick a theme or popular item. Avoid just printing your logo in white ink on a black shirt. There is nothing compelling about that. Pick something unique like a patriotic design, a zip up , or Summer theme designs. 

  2. Run a preorder. Translation: give members a small time window to order their item. I suggest 7 days. Collect their money up front- that way you do not need to tie up your cashflow holding someone’s order

  3. Market it! Don’t forget to promote it. Simply posting a picture on your facebook business page is not enough. You need to make pre and post class announcements. Get people excited about the new item. “Check out this limited edition patriotic design we’re doing. This is your ONLY chance to get this for the year!”. 

  4. Submit the order. Count your profit! Your margins should be 50-100% depending on your order size.

The last question is: what will you do with the extra money?