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Webstores: Why It Flopped

We’re here! The silver bullet solution to send all headaches and apparel problems forever! The online store! You’ve seen other gyms do it and it looks like it works! This is your panacea!….not quite. 

75% of all new calls revolve around an online store. Most owners believe that the online store option will end all headaches with apparel- No more chasing down people for payment, no inventory commitments, ease of logistics…all of this CAN be true and CAN be a feature of the online store option, but you need to do the work on your end as well. Simply putting a t-shirt on a link and pasting the link on your facebook page once is a great recipe for a huge letdown. 

Here are our tips to maximize the online store:

Promote it- We provide marketing templates  for you to copy and use. Marketing is always awkward and “selling” can make people squirm. What do I say? When should I post? Where should I post? I feel like I’m posting too frequently! I’m being annoying!…stop. You’re not. Most clients are under promoting  their apparel. Once the design is set, it’s “on to the next one”…If your apparel sales are lagging, you need to evaluate your marketing. Did you post every day during the preorder? Where did you post? Again, we take care of all of this for you with our marketing templates.

Educate- It is extremely important to provide context as to who you’re working with. Simply sending someone a link and saying “go buy this” is shady. If you’re new to working with us, you need to tell people who we are so they are comfortable with the check out process. Handing money to some random company on the internet makes people unease and provides them an excuse not to buy. You don’t need to provide them with our life story. Just simply: “We’re working with Forever Fierce. We’re partnering with them to provide you guys with the best apparel for our community. The link is open for 7 days. Once the preorder closes, they will print everything and ship it to the gym. We trust them to handle this process and rest assured, if you have any questions or concerns when your order lands, they’re here to help and fix it.” 

Samples- We offer complimentary samples for every order. We do this to put people at ease with the sizing. We’ve all purchased something online based on a size chart, received it, and it fits nothing like the size chart said it would. Tell your members samples are available for sizing purposes. This will put them at ease and encourage more sales.


How to Increase Your Apparel Pricing

Are you nervous about increasing your apparel pricing from $17 to $20? 

No? Ok, good.

Are you nervous about increasing your tank pricing from $20 to $25?

Yes? Ok, let’s talk:

I see facebook groups and threads discussing margins and pricing strategies and bundling and all of these retail strategies.Those posts are nice, but they miss the main point. 

The main point is this: Your members don’t care what you charge for apparel. Your members aren’t “price shopping” your apparel.They can’t go to Amazon and find the best deal. Custom apparel in an affiliate is such a great fit because it’s an emotional gift for them. You can’t price “emotion” into apparel. They’re showing off their community and second home. Whether you charge 24.99 or 17.99 is irrelevant for anyone who spends $125-200 a month on a gym membership. 

Owners who come back and say “My members revolted! They won’t buy anything at these higher prices! I’m stuck at $15 t-shirts forever!”…I go back and review the marketing and 99% of the time, the issue is they make price the focal point. They apologize for raising the price. They call attention to it. Their marketing is half-assed at best. 

If you’re going to raise your pricing, don’t talk about price. It is much more compelling to say “We’re launching our brand new zip up for 2018! This year we’re going with a super soft and warm zip up that is perfect for warm ups and cool downs! We’re only offering them for one week! If you don’t preorder one you will be left out since this is our only hoodie order for 2018! Sign up here!” 

So to recap:

Your members don’t care about the price of your tees and tanks. They just want to support you and show pride in their second home. 


If you’re going to raise prices, don’t talk about it. Hype it up and show some excitement for the new item. 


When we first started working with affiliate owners, they were looking for someone to print shirts. Now, local Mom and Pop places can print. Everyone has someone in their box who can print apparel. As our relationship with box owners evolved, we’re now hearing this from new clients: “I need someone who understands who we are and what we do. I also need someone to stay proactive and show me fresh designs each month”

In response to this, we shifted our perspective from being an apparel vendor to being retail consultants. We still print and design apparel, but that is a fraction of what we offer. What we’re offering is a comprehensive strategy for offering apparel in your affiliate. 

Here is what you can expect when working with us:

Fresh ideas every month- In our monthly newsletter, we offer 3 new design ideas. These ideas are centered around a garment (Example: hoodies, baseball tees, etc…) or a theme (St. Patrick’s Day). Printing the same logo tee every month only gets you so far. You need someone who is constantly churning out new ideas. That is where we come in. 

Apparel Planning- For those interested, we offer a free, non-contractual apparel plan. The call takes 15 minutes but at the end of the call, you will have an ENTIRE year’s worth of apparel planned out. On top of scheduling out the apparel, we’ll also prescribe some of our best strategies to help you maximize sales. 

Marketing Templates- Let’s be honest: when you first decided to open an affiliate, did you think you would have to learn how to market and sell retail items like tees and supplements? Probably not. We understand most box owners don’t know how to sell apparel and that’s fine. We’ve done the thinking for you with our new marketing templates. Just copy, paste, post, and watch the sales roll in. 

Resource Library- We are constantly publishing new and relevant content for box owners. We’ll teach you how to run a preorder, how to price apparel, and how to order extras responsibly. 

If you’re ready to get started, simply fill out this form and your new account manager will be in touch!