One of the more popular questions I’m asked: “What are your most successful clients doing and how can we do that here?”.  

The shortest answer is: They have a plan. It’s on paper. They’ve sat down for 15 minutes and mapped out 3-4 months at a time. Here is a sample yearly calendar:

January/February- Intramural Open 

April- Memorial Day 

June- Summer designs

Fall- Longsleeve items or hoodies

See how easy that was? 

When working with new gyms owners, I can sense the anxiety through the e-mails. “We haven’t done something in so long. Our members really want something new, but I just don’t know what to do”. The “…I just don’t know what to do” feeling puts you in a reactive state. When you’re in a reactive state, you do what seems easiest. 

Here is what usually happens: You go online and partner up with one of those sites that lets you slap your logo on anything and everything under the sun. You launch the store and then your members start peppering you with “How does this fit?”….meanwhile, you’ve never touched these items in your life. So you don’t know what to tell them and tell them “just follow the size chart”, but those things are never right. So you members get the items and are upset that nothing fits right. You were told by the vendors that “your members want the flexibility to order whatever they want!”…spoiler alert: they don’t… Now, you have a group of members who are unhappy with the fit and are turned off by the apparel at your gym. This is a common problem with affiliate owners today. 

What you really need is a plan. You need to know that when September rolls around, you need a baseball tee. You will reach out to us and let us know: you’re ready for the baseball tee design. We’ll send you over three “ready made” ideas. You’ll tell us which one you love and we’ll customize it for you. We’ll send sample sizes to the gym so your folks know the perfect fit. You’ll preorder