As a business owner, you probably didn’t start the gym with the thought of running a fundraiser for one of your founding members who was diagnosed with leukemia. On the flip side, you may have opened the gym with a dream of sending a team to Regionals and the Games. While these two scenarios are wildly different, most gyms tackle each situation with the same solution: a fundraiser.

I want to give you a game plan for running a fundraiser at the gym. If you follow this plan, there is no reason why you shouldn’t walk away with thousands of dollars.

1.Only print on the front of the shirt. Just the front. No printing anywhere else. This will allow you to keep the cost low. A design like that will cost you a max of $12 with the median price around the $9 mark. If you’re selling shirts for $25 each, profiting $16 per shirt is a great way to quickly raise money for your cause. The biggest mistake most owners make it thinking that they need to do a crazy design to entice people to buy. People want to support the cause for the cause. Not because the design is crazy. Shirts provide an easy vehicle for people to support. 

2.Ask your apparel provider to put it on their website. Chances are the individuals involved in the fundraiser have a network outside of the immediate area. By putting the shirt online, you will allow extended friends and family to support without placing the burden on you to figure out how to sell, pack, and ship shirts across the country. We can handle that for you. 

3.Organize an event or competition around the cause. If it is for a competitive event, throw a BBQ for the team and turn it into a community event. Celebrate this amazing accomplishment! If it is for a charitable cause or illness, organize a competition and invite local boxes to participate. Chance are, members of other boxes will have experience similar situations and would love to support.

If you need help developing your fundraising idea, we would love to help. Shoot us an e-mail and lets get started!