“I’m running a preorder, but my apparel sales are lagging.”

This is the equivalent of a client saying “I eat healthy foods but I can’t lose any weight”. There are many factors that go into weight loss. There are many factors that go into running a successful preorder. Use this check list below to fix your lagging preorder:

  1. Are you clearly communicating the deadline? The deadline is the most important part of the preorder. If you do not clearly communicate the deadline, members will buy the item “when they get around to it”. Set a deadline, make it clear, and explain what happens if they do not take action by the deadline.

    1. For example “The deadline to reserve your new hoodie is November 1st at 11:59PM! If you do not preorder it, (the price increases to _____”) or (we can’t guarantee we’ll stock your size). Don’t be left out! This is the only time we’re ordering hoodies for the entire year”. 

  2. Your preorder is open too long. We recommend no more than 10 days. Ideally, 7 days.  We’ve seen some gyms keep a preorder open for 6 weeks. This is counter productive to the preorder. The purpose of the preorder is to spur action. This is not running a 5k. You don’t need six weeks of prep to order a new tee. Longer window=less sales. Shorter window=more sales. Again, the key here is to spur action.

Other considerations:

Keeping a shorter order window is also beneficial to you. You will have more energy and enthusiasm to promote something for 7-10 days vs 20 days. If you have no idea how to promote apparel, then you’ll want to check out INSERT ARTICLE HERE… We’re now doing it for you!

Be mindful of the day you launch the sale. Running a gym can be like living in a casino at times. “What day is it and what time is it? People are always here!”. So, look at a calendar and make  sure the announcement is not around any major holidays. If your members work in normal, corporate America, those off days are precious and rare. They’ll be occupied with maximizing their off days and they won’t be worried about the new tee or tank.