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Should I Offer Tees/Tanks with Longsleeves?

Long sleeve season is in full swing. The weather has cooled off around the country and your members are looking of long sleeve apparel items- long sleeves or baseball tees. These two items are the featured items of the month. You can check out our special deal and designs: here. 

One questions we always get during this time: “Should I also offer this design in a tee/tank?”. 

Nope. Why? The answer is simply this: you are going to force your members to make a hard decision about what they want vs. what they need. They probably need a long sleeve. They probably want the tee and long sleeve, but chances are, most folks are only going to buy one item if they are offered at the same time. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it one quadrillion times: the less you offer, the more you will sell. This is not behavior economics according to Matt. This is a widely observed and accepted behavior economic phenomenon- the paradox of choice. Google away. 

So what we suggest: spread it out. Offer the long sleeve option now and if the design is popular, offer it again in the Spring when the weather starts to warm up in a tee or tank. This is a long term strategy. If you’re antsy to offer it right now, that tells me you don’t have a plan. You need to plan and schedule your apparel.

Again, the odds of someone buying both items is slim…but if you spread it out over time, the odds someone buys both items is much, much higher. I know there is a group in every gym who will buy everything and anything you offer. That’s great! What an amazing group! But, it is probably not more than 10 people. When we sell apparel, we need to keep in mind, we’re trying to sell dozenS of items, not a dozen. So, stay disciplined, offer the long sleeve item right now, and re-release the design on a tee or tank in the Spring.