Hoodie season is here! In this video, we cover why November is the best month for hoodies. 

Many clients get nervous offering a big ticket item. If you're not preordering hoodies, it can really handicap your cash flow if you're investing in hoodie inventory up front. To combat that, we're bringing in our friend Jason Rule of Driven Nutrition, an expert in running a successful preorder for any retail item... supplements or apparel! 

In the article below, Jason does a great overview on the benefits and tactics of running a preorder for Winter Retail, these steps will absolutely work for supplements and apparel.

Let's talk about winter retail. Traditionally, winter is a fairly slow time in the fitness, nutrition and supplement industry. Surprisingly, that’s not been the case for Driven NutritionÆ over the last five years. We've seen some of our best growth during the last two months of each year. We attribute much of that growth to the systems and tools we’ve developed to help our Affiliates generate a substantial profit. Below, I’ll share my thoughts, as well as steps you can take to perfectly position your gym for the new year rush.

Our athletes want to get stronger, and winter is the season for gains! When people are wearing layers, they aren’t as focused on aesthetics as they are on increasing their maxes. So now is the perfect time to increase those gains by increasing calories and protein consumption. From a retail standpoint, that means now is the time to stack it high and watch it fly!

If cash is tight, the best solution we’ve seen is to launch and execute a pre-sale program. I emphasize execute because it’s not enough to simply tell members you’re doing a pre-sale. Intentionally and consistently promoting the pre-sale for seven to ten days will dramatically increase member interest and drive sales.  

There are a couple specific ways you can easily increase awareness and interest. One is to remind members at the start of each class that you have a pre-sale going on. Let them know how they can order and when the pre-sale will end. Another is to post about the pre-sale on your personal social media pages, as well as your business pages. Cross-tag your business and personal posts, cross-share them, and ask your coaches to do the same.

As the pre-sale drives up cash flow, it’s imperative that you reinvest the profit into additional inventory. Why, you ask?

  1. It provides on-hand stock for those members who miss the pre-sale.
  2. Members who were “on the fence” will see their friends taking the product and decide they want in. 
  3. It provides re-supply stock for those members who make pre-sale purchases. Most supplements and proteins are 30-day supplies.
  4. You’ll miss the sale if you don’t have inventory. People want what they want when they want it.
  5. Most importantly, you’ll be using the profit generated from sales to fill your shelves as your retail business continues to grow! You won’t have to dip into your own wallet; let your money work for you!

By focusing on supplements in November, you’re setting the stage for growth at the beginning of the new year. You’ll have time to execute at least two pre-sales, and by reinvesting the income from both of those sales back into inventory, you’ll be able to rapidly increase your inventory. This will position you perfectly for the new-year traffic explosion. When the crowd hits, you’ll have existing inventory, as well as cheerleaders and influencers already taking the supplements, which will further drive first-of-the-year sales.

Driven has shared its easy-to-follow pre-sale flow so you can successfully implement a pre-sale for whatever brand you choose to offer your members. Just click the link below, and via Messenger we’ll send you a step-by-step process to launch and execute a pre-sale.