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How to Organize an Apparel Order

Apparel provides the perfect “win-win” opportunity to make a quick and easy $1,000.

In this quick article, I will explain the easiest way to organize an apparel order.

  1. Pick a theme or popular item. Avoid just printing your logo in white ink on a black shirt. There is nothing compelling about that. Pick something unique like a patriotic design, a zip up , or Summer theme designs. 

  2. Run a preorder. Translation: give members a small time window to order their item. I suggest 7 days. Collect their money up front- that way you do not need to tie up your cashflow holding someone’s order

  3. Market it! Don’t forget to promote it. Simply posting a picture on your facebook business page is not enough. You need to make pre and post class announcements. Get people excited about the new item. “Check out this limited edition patriotic design we’re doing. This is your ONLY chance to get this for the year!”. 

  4. Submit the order. Count your profit! Your margins should be 50-100% depending on your order size.

The last question is: what will you do with the extra money?