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Don't Barter

One question we like to ask all new clients: How do you currently handle apparel?

When a client responds with “a member of the gym prints our apparel….” I know how the statement usually ends: “A member of the gym prints our apparel but they take too long and I don’t feel like a priority”. 

Many gym owners falsely assume that bartering services is a sound business practice. In theory, it sounds great. The client gets a free membership. You get a discount on your apparel. In reality what happens is this: you give away a free membership, the member discounts the apparel slightly and you get put on the back burner because the member feels like they are doing you a favor not realizing that they are getting your full attention and service. It’s not like you limit their membership or when they can train right? 

So when in doubt, work with vendors who view you as a priority. Work with someone who you can hold accountable. The extra $1-3 you are saving is not worth the headache and aggravation of constantly asking your member for a status update. We talk about over complicating the process. This is a perfect example of over complicating the process. Simply work with a vendor that you don’t need to babysit and keep it moving.