For the past two years, we turn August into our “coach package” month. Most gyms are a bit slower in August due to members finishing up their vacations and getting kids ready for the new school year.  This is the perfect opportunity to focus on an internal package for your coaches.

As I’ve mentioned before, I visit enough affiliates throughout the country to know: I have no idea who works there and who is a member. This is a major problem. I’m awkwardly asking “do you work here?” to countless folks who look at me like an alien from outer space. 

I want you to look around. If a new member walks in the door, can they identify a staff member within 1-2 seconds? If they can’t, you need a coach package. 

We're not recommending a super formal collared shirt and khaki pants uniform. We’re recommending something casual that fits into the affiliate space but, still professional enough to look great to potential new clients and visitors. 

At a minimum, your staff should have at least 4 tees or tanks with COACH clearly identifiable.

How can you figure out which package is right for you? Here are a few questions to get you organized:

What is your budget?- If you have a gym made up of all part timers, then maybe you only want to spend $50 per person. If you have a set of full timers, you’re going to want them to look and feel official with the bigger package. 

How often will someone coach? If the average staff member coaches 4 times a week, they need 4 shirts. No one wants to work in a sweaty old shirt and assuming someone is going to do laundry everyday isn’t realistic. Make sure everyone has at least one clean shirt per work day.


What happens if I grow or someone leaves? Does this mean I need to take on inventory?Probably. Printing 1 shirt or tank at a time isn’t cost effective for you. Plan for turnover. Plan for growth. 1-2 extra in each size will not kill you.