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Thousands of Options with Zero Solutions

When people ask “who is your biggest competitor?”. The answer is “the local guy”. When I on board new clients, the #1 issue I hear is: “the local company just doesn’t ‘get it’”.

There are probably no less than 1 dozen local businesses who can print apparel in a 10 mile radius from your gym. I’m sure you have someone in the gym who has some connection to a local vendor. They encourage you to give them a shot. After spending countless hours on back and forth about design work and explaining what the “Intramural Open” is, you still don’t have a design. So you wind up printing your logo in white ink on a new color shirt. The issue is: you’ve done this 30 times before and your members are tired of the same old design on a different color shirt. 

To be clear, I’m all for local businesses. The problem is, more times than not, they have no idea what an affiliate is and the importance of apparel in the affiliate community. This becomes problematic for a busy affiliate owner because free time is limited. If you think about it, your downtime during the day is probably spent recharging for night group or holding a staff meeting or a higher level marketing task. 

As our business has grown, we have seen clients evolve. 4 years ago, it was “I need someone to print our apparel”. Now, new clients are saying “I need a strategy to sell apparel”. That’s the value of working with us. We’re going to share our proven success strategies to increase apparel sales, make recommendations on the timing of apparel releases, and be honest when you’re making a mistake. 

If you’re tired of wasting time and ready for a strategy, you can e-mail us to set up a time to get started