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A Message To Burnt Out Gym Owners

I have never met a gym owner who has too much time on their hands. Burnout is a major issue in the fitness industry. Gyms are chronically and critically understaffed. Owners and coaches are burnt out.

Opening your business at 5am is not a "normal" thing. Staying open until 8pm 5 nights a week is not a normal thing. Running classes all weekend is not a normal thing. It grinds you down. You need time to recharge your battery. You need to work with vendors who can help you carve out this recharge time.

A good vendor will save you money.

A great vendor will save you money and time.

An amazing vendor will save you time, money, and energy.

Here are the three ways I am going to save you time, money, and energy:

Time- Quick response times and all artwork/edits are done within 1 business day.

Money- Pricing is competitively calculated based on the design itself. If you have a tight budget for a special project, we're happy to work with you.

Energy- Knowing you will complete 3-5 orders for the year and having someone who is going to be proactive for you will save you massive amounts of mental energy.

I used to say "I encourage you" or "I hope"...I'm just going to be honest...You need to work with a vendor who is truly going to take apparel off your plate. If you are not doing this, this process will burn you out and you'll quit doing it. Since most gyms make $3-5k in net profit on apparel, you're inevitably going to give yourself an unnecessary pay cut. 

If you can read an email on your phone, you can work with us. I just need you to approve mock ups and share a link. That is all we are asking you to do. If you can do that, I promise we'll help you buy back your time, money, and most importantly...energy.