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Doing Apparel On Your Own?

There is a lot of bad information going around at the moment to do more apparel yourself- set up your own online store, design the webstore, design the merch, load the products, do the sales tax thing, package and label everything yourself....
Or...like...you can just outsource it and save yourself a lot of time, money, and most importantly, energy.
Honestly, what high level business owner and engaged family member has the time to do more stuff like this? When and where do you have the time to do all of this yourself? Nights and weekends? Is that honestly worth it?
The intention is there to "save you money" but really, you just bought yourself a low wage, low ROI job with no upside. You're never going to spinoff your apparel line and sell it to Nike. No one is going to buy your gym because you handled and printed all the merch yourself. If anything, it is a turn off to a future buyer because the system probably isn't scalable and requires a massive amount of energy and knowledge to perform.
The gyms that sell the most apparel know how to work with and leverage vendors to get a 10x investment on their time and energy. They understand paying an extra few dollars per order is a tremendous value if it means buying back their Sunday afternoon. So before you set up your own store and design your own merch and source the garments and all the other things that go into making this process a success...ask yourself "do I honestly need another job at the moment?"