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One common mistake we see is constantly offering tees/tanks/crops.

You need to give those items a break.

If you continually offer tees/tanks with no break, there will come a time where you go to offer that stuff and people just say to themselves "I have enough of these tees. I don't need another one".

Give them a break until January/February. January-August is normally the best time for those items. Jan-March- People are tighter on spending. You don't need to stop offering apparel. You just need to be mindful of this and offer items at appropriate price points. April-August- As the weather changes, people look to refresh their closets.

With colder months now here and the holidays on deck, now is the time to launch a longsleeve or hoodie order at higher price points. People tend to loosen up their budgets around this time of the year.

Take advantage of this now and get ahead of other brands looking to do the same thing.

January-August is really tee/tank specific. Refocus your efforts on items that cater to the seasons.

Here is your apparel plan for the next 4 months.

September- Work on a longsleeve design
October- Launch the longsleeve design
Mid October- Work on the hoodie design
November- Launch the hoodie design
December- Work on new logo tee
January- Launch new logo tee to help reenergize people after the holidays


It is no surprise that many of the fitness brands you admire have a strong culture of apparel.

Meaning, when they offer apparel, people feel like they are connected to the movement/brand. They offer apparel on regular intervals. They put out new designs. The leaders of these brands are constantly wearing their own apparel and promote others to do the same if you're aligned with their values and movement.

If you want to unlock a culture of apparel, here are my tips to doing that:

  • Aim for 4-6 projects. Offering different apparel designs throughout the year keeps things fresh, unique, and enticing. Rolling out the same merch with your logo in white ink on various pieces is a short term play in a long term game. People get bored. They need fresh and new ideas.

  • Wear your apparel/merch inside the gym‼️ Make sure your staff does this as well. There is no good reason for you or your staff to wear another gym or brand's apparel in your gym. If you're in the gym, you're wearing your own gear. Period. If you don't wear your own apparel, why should your members wear it?

  • Let members know from day 1 that you offer things like apparel, supplements, seminars/workshops, etc... You are overestimating how aware your members are. It would not surprise me if 20-30% of your gym said "I had no idea you offered this!". These revenue streams can also serve as kick starts for those struggling with motivation/focus.

  • Have a plan. Gyms who have an apparel plan sell 30% more apparel for the year than those who don't. We offer a free apparel plan for the year to have you stay on track so that you never miss a project.

If you're interested in setting up an apparel plan for the rest of the year, I am still booking those plans. You can message me here or email me to get started.

NO RESTOCKS: How to Create Urgency and Sell More Apparel

If you have been following us long enough, you know that one of our foundational strategies is the "limited edition mindset". This a great strategy to move your product from the "wish list" to the "to do list". 

If you're paying attention, more and more brands who offer apparel are utilizing the "no restocks" strategy to try and drum up some urgency. Same idea. New name. 

The premise is the same: Make customers aware that this is a limited time opportunity and inventory/stock will be extremely thin or non-existent. 

We are flooded with ads for new products every time we pull up a browser. How do we move to the front of our buyer's mind?

We cut the line by putting a deadline on product offerings. We cut the line by making sure people know this is their only chance to get this item. We do this to force people to make a decision. Even if it is a "no", it forces people to pay attention to your brand and all future releases. 

When you can have someones attention on new product releases and create urgency to make a decision, that is the key to selling apparel at your business.