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The Gym Owner Advantage

“Wow! All these cool items my members will be sure to love! On top of that, a nice website to go with it! This will be a slam dunk!”

With the rise of the web site service offering comes a nice shiny new toy to distract clients. While these services and web sites may seem like a no brainer, clients who use web stores see a reduction in apparel sales by about 20-30% per order. This is significant and this is a major problem.

How can we fix it?

 To tackle it, we need to examine a key reason why people buy apparel from their favorite business in the first place: an opportunity to promote and “rep their tribe”. 

While they are in the gym, you have their undivided attention. Think about how rare and powerful that is in this day and age. To have someone’s attention for about an hour 3-5 times a week is one of the most unique advantages a fitness business has today.  It is the perfect sales environment. It’s low stress, it’s supportive, and it is an opportunity for them to thank you for all your hard work. You want people to have opportunities to “join your team”. Offering apparel officially invites people join the team as an initiation of some sort. 

Now, if we give members a link, they have to purchase this item “when they get home”… the issue is really this…when people leave the gym, all hell breaks loose. So while they had great intentions to buy the new hoodie you just released, they totally forgot because they had a million other things on their brain after they left the gym. The next day rolls around and wash, rinse, and repeat. Same thing. While they wanted to buy one, they simply forgot. Every time they went to log on, something got in the way. Then when everything lands, they ask if you bought any extras. You probably didn’t in their size. And now you have an unhappy member for something that absolutely is not your fault. 

The issue isn’t the design or the style tank top or the amount of options you offered. The issue is simply attention span and driving demand. If you can make the most of someone’s attention span, you will a huge uptick in retail sales. 

Tips to Make Your Online Store Easier

Online stores can be intimidating. There are a lot of moving parts, technology, and entering the e-commerce space is not for the faint of heart. However, we've made the mistakes. We've tested a bunch of strategies. We've fine tuned our process to make this as hands free, stress free, and easy for any gym owner to us. 


Step 1. Get a design in place. Pick from one of our best selling templates or let us bring your idea to life.

Step 2. Set a deadline. Don't forget this step! It is important to have a firm deadline. Deadlines spur action.

Step 3. Promote the link. Make announcements before and after each class. Send out at least one message per day the preorder is live in each of your communication channels. 

Step 4. Close the link and cash your check. 

In four simple steps, we can have a secondary revenue stream up and running for you. But! You will need to trust us here. When we push you to simplify the order, take our advice. If we encourage you to do a 7 day preorder instead of a 21 day preorder, try it! If the marketing template call for posting something on instagram and sending out an email, give it a shot! The strategies and suggestions we have are based on thousands of successful orders and we're confident we can help you achieve success in selling apparel. 

Choice Paralysis for Online Stores

Somewhere deep inside our brains we believe that abundance is the answer to everything...more! more! more!...But what if I told you the opposite is true?  The truth is, the businesses that sell the most apparel keep choices extremely limited. A tee and tank in 1-2 colors. That's it. No need to offer every and any color. 

It turns out that the less you offer, the more you sell.  This article from the New York Times does an amazing job of illustrating the problem with too many choices. 

"But, I saw another gym do it and it worked. Why can't I?"

I get it. 

The problem is, we have the data on that. less than 20% of sprawling online stores are deemed successful or "met expectations" by owners. You offer more, you expect to sell more, but your client base is a fixed size and their budgets remained fixed as well.

For example, you offer 5 unique products with 40 total orders. That comes out to 8 items per garment. That can be viewed as a flop. But, if you sold 40 tees and tanks, that might be an awesome order for a business your size. As you offer more, you ratchet up the expectations. 

Make it easy on yourself and keep the options limited and keep expectations in check. This will keep the process fresh, enjoyable, and productive.