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We've been working with Abby at Iron Tide CrossFit for two years now, and we've helped them create a ton of great designs in that time. Here's what Abby had to say about working with us …

"The first time I saw one of Forever Fierce's designs was on Facebook, but not in an ad. My husband is in the USMC, and the son of one of his fellow Marines plays lacrosse. I saw a photo of the team and they were all wearing awesome designs, so I found out where they had got them—which led me to Forever Fierce.

Ever since our first order, we have been really impressed by the professional look of the shirts along with the athletic design. That hasn't changed in all the time we've been ordering apparel—we've never been disappointed.

One of the main benefits of working with Forever Fierce is that it has saved us so much time! Designing and ordering T-shirts is completely painless, and we no longer waste endless hours trying to come up with a new T-shirt design every 4-6 months.

And the fact that we have gear that looks branded versus random is a big plus for Iron Tide CrossFit. Our members love it!

And Matt just makes the whole thing so much easier. It's clear that he really cares about his customers, and we always feel that he genuinely wants to make us happy. He is very patient and provides honest feedback, which really helps.

I always get excited to see what our next design will look like, and it's great to know that we can continue to provide our staff and members with quality and professional apparel.

The best thing of all is that we constantly receive compliments from our members and from visitors. They always want our gear!"



What are you doing to stimulate demand for apparel at your gym?

Do you have 5-6 apparel items in stock?  

Maybe they are folded behind the check in desk in stacks of 10?

Are you holding a sale to sell some leftover shirts?

Unfortunately, none of those situations above stimulate demand or spur action.  In a fast paced, super competitive world of marketing and commerce today, many brands are competing for your member’s dollars. The only way to “cut the line” and get to the front of your clients mind is to stimulate scarcity. This means holding a preorder, limiting extras, and being disciplined about each item being it’s own unique limited edition offering.

Throw out the normal excuses such as “I’ll order 30 more…just in case!”, have discipline about ordering a handful of extras, and be ok telling someone “Dang, sorry you missed out on this order. Don’t worry. Next order, just make sure to sign up ahead of time and reserve your item before we close the pre-order”.

So back to my first question, what are you doing to stimulate demand for apparel at your gym?



Summer is the best time year to get into shape, and you can bet that your gym members are going to be spending time in the park and on the beach showing off the toned bodies they've been working hard on all year.
And you can make sure your gym gets is name out there by printing custom summer-themed tees and tanks for them to wear.
Every year, our customers order bright and bold custom tees that get everyone in the mood for summer, and we've got loads of summer design inspiration for you—check out the designs at the bottom of the page for some ideas.
Want your own custom tee to celebrate the summer? Just get in touch and let's talk designs. 

Send us an e-mail today today to get started

We'll help you come up with a fantastic custom design unique for your gym, or you can use a design you've already created. Then we'll come up with a mock design completely free so you can see how your summer tees and tanks will look.
Your members are going to love these comfortable and stylish tees they can use anywhere. Our apparel is always made from the highest quality and designed to last, so your members will be wearing them all summer long.
Order yours now—we're known for our famously fast order processing, but get your orders in early so you can make the most of the summer months.
First time ordering from us? Here's what you need to know:

  • Fresh ideas every month. 
  • All mockups are 100% FREE
  • We DON'T charge anything for setup, design, art, or any other weird fees
  • You will work directly one-on-one with an account manager to create your design
  • Pricing is custom-built for each job—it's more competitive and fairer for you