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What's Next: Apparel Plan Q3 2020

Here is our recommendation for an apparel plan for Q3 of 2020.


Webstores will remain open for the foreseeable future.

If it isn't planned, it won't get done. Get this plan down on paper. Let us remind you when the timing is perfect for your next order. 

Suggested apparel plan:

March/April: Stronger Together. Most of you have already wrapped up this order but those who haven't, there is still time. 

May/June: Patriotic designs. While we don't know when you will be able to reopen, we feel that there will be a STRONG demand for patriotic designs. As we start to overcome this pandemic, we will see a strong sense of patriotism across the country since this was a nationwide effort. This option also works throughout the year for July 4th, Labor Day, and Veterans Day.

June/July: Summer designs. We believe this is a nice change of pace than the usual dark colors we see most gyms offer. As always, we can use different tank and tee options for this special order.

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