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Web Store Update: What's Working

We are a month into running web stores on behalf of our fitness clients. As of 4/14, here is a snapshot of the profit checks (gym names blurred out for privacy reasons). 


Profit checks April 14


As of today we have distributed $10,079.13 back to gym owners. 

After speaking with those who have received $1,000 checks...what are they doing differently? Here is what they said:

1. They post frequently. On a 7 day preorder, they are posting at least 3-5 reminders about purchasing apparel. 

2. They announce before and after each meeting. Nothing wrong with reminding everyone when you have their attention.

3. They have a shorter deadline.  This is not a 24/7/365 store. Deadlines spur action and having a tighter deadline on this will force people to make a decision quickly. In this environment, helping people prioritize purchases and support is key. 

Now is the time to follow best practices. No need to reinvent the wheel and try a crazy new strategy. Secondary income streams are more important than ever before. Simply follow our best practices and recommendations and keep it moving!