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Weird Items

“We saw these badass socks! WE NEED SOCKS!”…. You can insert and swap out the word socks for the latest trendy item- women’s dolman, suede tee shirts, etc… While these new and super trendy ideas sound great…tread lightly…The beauty of a normal cotton/polyester shirt, triblend racerback tank, heavyweight hoodie is that the educational learning curve of these products is non-existent. You don’t need to education someone about what a women’s dolman is. There are many questions that come along with trendy items: “how does it fit”, “does it shrink”, “is it slim cut or normal cut”, “what is the material”, “will it hold up under a hard workout”..the list goes on.

Before you go and order 100 suede shirts, ask yourself “Am I prepared to refund this order if my members don’t like these items?” and “Do I have to any idea on how to get rid of these shirts if people don’t like them”.

Variety is important. We understand that part. But, if you get requests for items you're uncomfortable offering, just don't offer it. We've gone on wild goose chases to locate the most perfect women's tank according to the head coach...yet when members go to order it, you have 8 orders, and a bunch of time wasted on the project. Stick with the classics and I promise you will see the best results.