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Limiting Cooks in the Kitchen

“Let me bring this back to the group and get some feedback”…stop! One of the biggest mistakes we see from clients today is the idea of trying to get consensus from a large diverse group of owners/coaches/clients about the look of a design. Out of the hundreds of phone calls I’ve had with new clients, one of the top reasons for contacting us is “People drive me nuts about what they want. I just need someone to take control”. One thing you need to understand: No one knows what they want until you show them.

If you really want get some community feedback on the apparel, develop an apparel committee of 2-3 people. You would get the design in place, shoot it over to them for their basic feedback, and we will edit it for you.

One of the most repeated quotes of all time about this concept in business is “If Henry Ford asked customers what they wanted while he was inventing the Model T, they would have said “faster horses””. So in this post, I am giving your permission to take back control over your apparel and brand. After all….it is your brand.