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Tips to Make Your Online Store Easier

Online stores can be intimidating. There are a lot of moving parts, technology, and entering the e-commerce space is not for the faint of heart. However, we've made the mistakes. We've tested a bunch of strategies. We've fine tuned our process to make this as hands free, stress free, and easy for any gym owner to us. 


Step 1. Get a design in place. Pick from one of our best selling templates or let us bring your idea to life.

Step 2. Set a deadline. Don't forget this step! It is important to have a firm deadline. Deadlines spur action.

Step 3. Promote the link. Make announcements before and after each class. Send out at least one message per day the preorder is live in each of your communication channels. 

Step 4. Close the link and cash your check. 

In four simple steps, we can have a secondary revenue stream up and running for you. But! You will need to trust us here. When we push you to simplify the order, take our advice. If we encourage you to do a 7 day preorder instead of a 21 day preorder, try it! If the marketing template call for posting something on instagram and sending out an email, give it a shot! The strategies and suggestions we have are based on thousands of successful orders and we're confident we can help you achieve success in selling apparel.