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Choice Paralysis for Online Stores

Somewhere deep inside our brains we believe that abundance is the answer to everything...more! more! more!...But what if I told you the opposite is true?  The truth is, the businesses that sell the most apparel keep choices extremely limited. A tee and tank in 1-2 colors. That's it. No need to offer every and any color. 

It turns out that the less you offer, the more you sell.  This article from the New York Times does an amazing job of illustrating the problem with too many choices. 

"But, I saw another gym do it and it worked. Why can't I?"

I get it. 

The problem is, we have the data on that. less than 20% of sprawling online stores are deemed successful or "met expectations" by owners. You offer more, you expect to sell more, but your client base is a fixed size and their budgets remained fixed as well.

For example, you offer 5 unique products with 40 total orders. That comes out to 8 items per garment. That can be viewed as a flop. But, if you sold 40 tees and tanks, that might be an awesome order for a business your size. As you offer more, you ratchet up the expectations. 

Make it easy on yourself and keep the options limited and keep expectations in check. This will keep the process fresh, enjoyable, and productive.