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Invisible Costs Are Eating You Alive

What is your effective hourly rate?

Let's estimate very conservatively and say it is $100.

Let's say you're working with a vendor who is unresponsive to your e-mails. It's been a week since you've seen a mock up. In the past, you just knock out an idea on Canva and send it to the printer to save time but lately, you can't think of anything and come to think of it, the past 2-3 designs you designed didn't sell that well.

It's three weeks before Memorial Day and you're running out of time to get your order going. Now what? You decide to skip the order. You realize you're not going to be able to get this order going in time and decide to skip it. Better luck next time!

This is costing you thousands of dollars a year. The math is very simple.

A conservative profit estimate on an order is $500 per order. If you skip 1-2 orders a year due to the scenario we outlined before, that'll cost you $500-1000 of net profit. Now, going back to your hourly rate. Say you wasted 3 hours tinkering on canva. That's another $300 out of your pocket. Then, you spent another hour collectively following up and trying to get a hold of your current vendor. That's another $100.

So right now, you're out $1,400 and that is a very basic example. Before people work with us, they do this 4 times a year! These invisible costs matter as a business owner and now that you're aware of this, what are you going to do about it?

The above scenario is quite common for most gym owners. They work with vendors who don't have a streamlined process specifically for gym owners. They work with inexperienced vendors when it comes to retail and strategic planning. Your current vendor never stopped to think, run numbers, or do any research about the ideal time to order hoodies. You're having to constantly follow up with your vendor and the communication is spotty.

When you work with us:

We become an extension of your team. We will message you to remind you when it is time to order.

No artwork or design fees.

Feel like a priority- a dedicated 1:1 account manager with a decade of experience working with gym owners.

We will provide a strategic plan for apparel- ideal ordering windows, suggested designs, garment styles that sell, marketing templates and sales tactics that work.

There is no contract or extra fees for any of these value added services either.

Our pricing is based on the design itself so you get the most competitive price.


If you're ready to get started, today's the day.