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An Extension of Your Team

If you are tired of playing a game of hot potato of which employee is going to handle apparel this year only to fumble it and not get anything done, I have a solution for you. 

The solution is to set up an apparel plan . We will build a schedule of apparel around your specific business so that these projects never slip through the cracks. This is not a contract or an obligation. It is simply a free planning tool we offer to help keep you organized. We become an extension of your team.

I am well aware of where apparel falls on your list of priorities. 

The issue is this: your members want apparel and to be honest, they'll stick around longer if they buy your apparel. Apparel helps anchor clients to your gym and serves as free marketing when they wear your apparel grocery shopping or out to a kid's sporting event.

Apparel is a facet of the fitness industry right now. You can roll your eyes and huff and puff about that statement, but it is true. The gyms you follow and admire all have a strong apparel game.

Your problem is: You don't have the time to figure this out and stay on top of it. Being a gym owner is a unique job. There aren't many jobs in the world where you need to be full throttle awake at 5 or 6AM and then have enough energy to get to the 7PM class. There is only so much gas in the tank for secondary stuff like this. 

This is why you need to work with a vendor who makes this process easy and has it figured out. The local guy is a cool dude and very nice and local relationships are important, but he has no idea how to serve your client base and make your life easier. Most of the time, they're just creating more work for you. 

When you work with us, you're going to get best seller designs, free samples so you know how things fit, and the proper marketing support to help sell your apparel. 

So if you're looking for a vendor who can serve you best and simplify things for you, reach out to us today to get started.