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How to Increase Your Apparel Pricing

Are you nervous about increasing your apparel pricing from $17 to $20? 

No? Ok, good.

Are you nervous about increasing your tank pricing from $20 to $25?

Yes? Ok, let’s talk:

I see facebook groups and threads discussing margins and pricing strategies and bundling and all of these retail strategies.Those posts are nice, but they miss the main point. 

The main point is this: Your members don’t care what you charge for apparel. Your members aren’t “price shopping” your apparel.They can’t go to Amazon and find the best deal. Custom apparel in an affiliate is such a great fit because it’s an emotional gift for them. You can’t price “emotion” into apparel. They’re showing off their community and second home. Whether you charge 24.99 or 17.99 is irrelevant for anyone who spends $125-200 a month on a gym membership. 

Owners who come back and say “My members revolted! They won’t buy anything at these higher prices! I’m stuck at $15 t-shirts forever!”…I go back and review the marketing and 99% of the time, the issue is they make price the focal point. They apologize for raising the price. They call attention to it. Their marketing is half-assed at best. 

If you’re going to raise your pricing, don’t talk about price. It is much more compelling to say “We’re launching our brand new zip up for 2018! This year we’re going with a super soft and warm zip up that is perfect for warm ups and cool downs! We’re only offering them for one week! If you don’t preorder one you will be left out since this is our only hoodie order for 2018! Sign up here!” 

So to recap:

Your members don’t care about the price of your tees and tanks. They just want to support you and show pride in their second home. 


If you’re going to raise prices, don’t talk about it. Hype it up and show some excitement for the new item.