Ever thought about an official gym dress code for your coaches? It's a great idea.
I'm not talking about some stuffy formal uniform that they all have to wear—after all, you want your coaches to work in comfort.
I mean relaxing, comfortable, well designed apparel that your staff will love wearing.
A uniform gives your coaches more authority, and it's useful for your members to know who the coaches are. You want people to walk in and know exactly who they should be talking to.
It also builds your identity, makes you stand out from the other gyms in your area, and you’ll know exactly what your staff will come into work wearing.
You might not want the men wearing tanks, for example, or even wearing another gym's shirt—which is way more common than you think!
Here is what we're suggesting:
Custom coach package
With this option, you will get your own custom coach gear that all your staff can wear. We'll work with you to come up with a unique uniform design just for your coaches.
It might consist of various items of apparel like a tee, a hoodie, a longsleeve, etc—whatever you want. Then there's no more worrying about what everyone wears to work.
Sound good? Send us an e-mail today today to get started

Here's the deal:

A uniform is a great way to improve your brand identity—and your coaches will love wearing it.
I'd love to talk it over with you, so shoot off an email and we can throw around some ideas for your coach apparel.