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Will Every Order Be A Home Run?

We've all been there. That one order you thought would be popular, "everyone will love!", and "this is a home run!"...but it flops. You feel dumb for even suggesting it and you decide you lost you apparel mojo forever. 

The honest truth with selling apparel is simply this: Not every order is going to be a home run. Any business selling any type of apparel will tell you that there are orders where they only sell 25% of what they were expecting. 

Do you encourage clients to give up on fitness just because they had a bad workout? Nope. You show up for the next session and follow the plan. You make adjustments. You focus on the long term. 

The best piece of advice I can give you is this:

Consistency wins (Get On an Apparel Plan)

You need to be consistent with ordering (Establishing a Culture of Apparel In Your Gym)

You need to change up the designs (Play the Long Game)

You need to use incentives (Incentives Matter)

You need a marketing plan (Marketing Guide)

Every order may not be a home run but when you combine these tactics, a plan that works, and ask the right questions to improve your preorder, you will minimize the orders that fall flat.