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Two Brain Roadmap Plan

We were included into recently recent "Two Brain Roadmap". If you're a Two Brain client keep reading.... 

Our module can be found in the "revenue diversity" section under "sell more". We created module 7 "Make $1,000 profit on retail sales or subleasing your space". 

The best way to pocket $1,000 profit from apparel sales is quite simple:

1. Hold a preorder- A preorder creates urgency. Urgency converts. Translation: More urgency=more sales. So, experiment with different preorder window lengths. I have some clients who only preorder apparel for 5 days. I have some that go as long at 10 days. I recommend and find that 7 gives everyone an opportunity to make a purchase.

2. Promote the item before and after EVERY class. I know this sounds crazy, annoying, "too salesy". I've heard it all...but we tend to over estimate just how much people listen to us. You need to repeat your message multiple times before people hear it. One facebook post on a Monday at 1:30PM isn't getting anyone's attention. Post often and remind everyone. Trust me, you're not being too pushy.

3. Switch up the designs. Your logo in white ink on a different color shirt only goes so far. If you join my e-mail list, it is a private list for gym owners only. Each month, I send out one e-mail with a design idea, theme, or garment. I do all of thinking for you. You don't need to order something every month. It is just to stimulate ideas and to remind you now is the time to order hoodies, now is the time to get your opens tee/tank figured out, etc.... Here is the link for that: http://eepurl.com/bRAVun