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Remember Everyone Deployed (R.E.D.): A Call to Action


In the heart of our community lies a powerful tradition that binds us together, honoring those who serve far from home. This tradition is known as R.E.D. Friday, an acronym that stands for "Remember Everyone Deployed." It's a simple yet profound way to show our collective support for United States service members currently deployed overseas. By donning the color red each Friday, we stand united in gratitude and remembrance for the sacrifices made by our troops.

The Essence of RED Friday

R.E.D. Friday is a concept that transcends mere acknowledgment. It's a vibrant, visual statement of support that doesn't cost a dime—just the willingness to wear something red. At our box, we've partnered with Forever Fierce to design shirts specifically for RED Fridays. While purchasing these shirts supports the cause, the essence of RED Friday is participation. Whether it's a red shirt, shorts, or leggings you already own, the act of wearing red is what counts.

More Than Just a Color

RED Friday goes beyond the color. It's a day when our workouts, our community, and our hearts align with those serving far and wide. As we gear up for the CrossFit Open, our programming remains dedicated to excellence, and post-Open, we aim to incorporate Hero and Benchmark workouts to further honor our heroes. This initiative is especially close to our hearts as a Veteran Owned and Operated Affiliate, deeply rooted in a community of veterans, firefighters, police officers, nurses, and teachers—all of whom we consider heroes.

Building a Community of Support

Our journey with RED Friday has been one of unity and remembrance. Initiating the tradition was seamless, given our veteran-owned status and the presence of community heroes among us. The challenge was never about buy-in; it was about remembrance. Yet, the sight of a sea of red every Friday serves as a powerful reminder of our collective commitment. Our gym's name, CrossFit IGY6, symbolizes this commitment. "I Got Your Six," a phrase coined by WWI pilots, embodies our ethos of loyalty and support, not just within our walls but extending globally to those who protect us.

Spreading the Word

Our vision for RED Friday reaches beyond our gym. We aim to inspire other gyms to join this noble cause, fostering a wider community of support. CrossFit's tradition of honoring troops and fallen heroes through Hero workouts aligns perfectly with the spirit of RED Friday. Our collaboration with neighboring gyms, like CrossFit HSE, signifies the growing momentum of this initiative. By sharing our designs and ethos, we hope to encourage more affiliates to embrace RED Friday, amplifying our collective support for deployed service members.

In closing, RED Friday is more than just a tradition—it's a movement. A movement that honors the courage, sacrifice, and loyalty of our deployed service members. Let's wear red on Fridays, not just as a symbol of support, but as a commitment to never forget those who serve on our behalf. Join us in spreading the awareness and impact of RED Friday, for in unity, we make a profound difference.