Why do we need to promote apparel? 

How will they know it exists? I know this seems very basic, but absolutely make sure your members and staff know the preorder is live with very clear due dates to get the order in. 

Can’t I just post a link on facebook and tell my members it’s open and just send you the numbers a week from now? 

Sure. But, the issue is this: you can’t count on facebook or instagram to show that message to your members. You may be aware of this, but facebook and instagram officially stopped posting updates based on chronological order. Their algorithm determines when and even IF your post will ever find itself in front of your members/followers. So again, don’t just post a link once and think the sales will star rolling in. Plan on announcements throughout the week. 

Your members want your apparel! They are proud to be a member of your gym. Give them the opportunity to promote and show their pride. This is an even bigger incentive to promote your apparel. 

How often and where should I promote apparel?

For example, if your preorder is open for one week. Here are our promotional post schedule recommendations: 

Social media- 3-5 times a week. Facebook and Instagram decide when they want to put the message in front of your followers. Don’t rely on them to show the message to everyone. 

Closed groups- 2-3 times.

Email- 1-2 times.

Pre-class announcement- every class. Before and after class. This is the most effective strategy. You need to make sure your staff is announcing this before and after class. It is the ONLY way to ensure ALL of your members get the message. 

Physical signs at the gym- locker rooms/restrooms/lounge areas.