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“I have a huge demand for apparel at my gym but I’m out of ideas”… we hear this often from our new clients. We can probably guess why: 

Your current apparel vendor gives you a killer deal on printing but they require you to come with a design. 

Their art department “doesn’t understand my business”. 

You’ve printed the same logo on different shirt colors for the past 4 years and just called it “a new design”. 

To fix this, it is normally up to the affiliate owner to figure it out. This means outsourcing it to a member, employee, or finding a freelance designer and hoping they understand what sells at the gym. This is very time intensive and requires a ton of patience. Let’s be honest: you have better ways to spend your time. 

We have decided to focus on affiliates. We know what sells. We’ll keep things varied. We will advise and develop a strategy for selling apparel at your gym. You’re not out of ideas. You just need someone to take you to the next level. If you’re ready to develop a plan for selling apparel at your gym or you’re curious as to what we can do in terms of designing something new and unique for your gym, send us an email and let’s get started.