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NO RESTOCKS: How to Create Urgency and Sell More Apparel

If you have been following us long enough, you know that one of our foundational strategies is the "limited edition mindset". This a great strategy to move your product from the "wish list" to the "to do list". 

If you're paying attention, more and more brands who offer apparel are utilizing the "no restocks" strategy to try and drum up some urgency. Same idea. New name. 

The premise is the same: Make customers aware that this is a limited time opportunity and inventory/stock will be extremely thin or non-existent. 

We are flooded with ads for new products every time we pull up a browser. How do we move to the front of our buyer's mind?

We cut the line by putting a deadline on product offerings. We cut the line by making sure people know this is their only chance to get this item. We do this to force people to make a decision. Even if it is a "no", it forces people to pay attention to your brand and all future releases. 

When you can have someones attention on new product releases and create urgency to make a decision, that is the key to selling apparel at your business.