How can we make this process easier? 

We identified two major issues all gym owners face: 

1. Staying "on track" with apparel orders. Most affiliate owners forget to order or get started way too late.

2. Marketing and promoting apparel. We never explained how to properly promote your apparel. We've been working behind the scenes to change that. 

This has been our focus for 2018. A huge step forward for most of our clients has been the apparel plan. We've taken the thought and responsibility for apparel out of our owners hands.

The next step in making apparel easier is marketing automation. We realized that we were turning our owners into apparel reps with little to no training. I may have told you "post everyday and promote this new item"...but I never told you what to post. That changes today.

Our friends at Driven Nutrition are industry leaders in offering supplements in an effective and responsible way to your members. If you work with Driven Nutrition, you're aware of the library of resources and automated options they provide affiliate owners to make every supplement order profitable for any size gym. Their team has been kind and generous enough for us to borrow this idea and adapt it to apparel sales. 

Starting today, simply let your rep know if you're offering a 7 or 10 day pre-order. We're going to send you 7 copy and paste templates that you can use to sell more apparel. No more thinking about what to write or where to post the message: we're doing all of that for you. All I need you to do is copy and paste the wording. It's a low effort activity that will pay huge dividends in the end. And it's 100% free. Check it out: