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Incentives Matter

Merch Economics 101 is in session. Lesson 1: Incentives matter. Without the proper incentives, it is going to be a grind to get people to buy merch. Luckily, we've learned a lot of these lessons the hard way and discovered 4 key incentives to get people to buy more merch:

Pricing: For example: the preorder price is 27.99. If you order inventory and people buy your inventory, the price is 32.99. People like to “win”. They like “deals”. The people who enjoy paying full price are few and far between. Offer a price incentive during the preorder to get people to take action.

Time: Again, deadlines matter. Tell them they only have 5-7 days to order. Do not stretch the deadline to longer than 10 days.

Samples: People like to touch and feel garments before they buy. If we sent you samples, USE THEM! Tell people there are sizing samples. Encourage people to touch and buy them.

Special benefits: If you order a shirt, you get a free goal review session, nutrition consultation, etc... Whatever special benefit that you feel is valuable but not super time consuming on your end, it may be worth experimenting with this.