The main difference between us and the "local guy" is the amount of resources and benefits we provide to all of our clients. Below is a list of benefits and free tools we make available to ALL clients. 

1. We handle the artwork for you. You do not have to provide us with "print ready" artwork. For many of you, this is a significant change. Many clients who work with us enjoy not having to worry about the artwork. Whether you have an idea/direction for your project or pick one of our templates or allow us to come up with an original design for you, we will handle the artwork for you. We do not charge for artwork. 

2. Ask for samples. We offer free sizing samples for all orders. There is nothing worse than being surprised when an order is delivered. You should not be surprised and you should have an opportunity to approve the garments before they arrive. What if you receive a garment and you don't like the cut of the women's tank or want a softer tee? No problem. We'll send out a new batch of samples. 

3. Marketing templates. For those who are new to offering apparel, figuring out how to market it towards clients can be a real challenge. The most difficult part of marketing any new product or service is figuring out the messaging, timing, and frequency. If you use our marketing templates, they provide the necessary direction to launching a successful apparel order. 
4. Preorder tools. We offer three preorder tools:
1. Paper and pencil- A old fashion sign up sheet. Pass the clipboard around before class for sign ups or leave it at the front desk
2. Online form- This is an option for "paper-less" gyms. You will collect payment but clients will sign up using an online form. Example: https://foreverfierce.typeform.com/to/kLW66j . We will build your form for you and all you need to do is collect payment. We'll tally and track the orders for you.
3. Our website- There is no additional cost for our robust and extraordinarily successful website option. You can learn about how we handle online stores here: 

5. Apparel plans. Picture this...you're at the end of December...you go to review your retail sales...and it's half of what you did the previous year...what happened? It's easy to figure it out at the end of the year...you missed several key orders throughout the year..."Life happened. I got busy. Things were chaotic"...but what if I told you even in the midst of the pandemic that the gyms who were on apparel plans, were able to hit all of their key orders for the year? An apparel plan schedules all of your orders ahead of time so that no matter how chaotic things get, you will stay on track. To be clear, this is not a contract and you are not locked into anything. It is simply a free planning tool we use to help keep our clients on track. We find that clients who are on an apparel plan sell 20-30% more apparel for the year for those that do not have one. You can learn more about our apparel plans here: https://foreverfierce.com/blogs/news/get-on-an-apparel-plan

6. A dedicated account rep. There is no call center. There is no 1800 number. There are no chatbots. You work with a person who knows your name, business, and understands your needs. Our team is highly experienced in knowing what works and what sells best for our clients today. We pride ourselves on keeping projects moving forward and providing clients with an unmatched personalization. 

7. New designs every month. We are committed to providing variety every single month. We're putting out at least 3 new designs a month. Combine that with a library of previous year's designs...you have hundreds of best selling designs ready to go. Even if you don't love the template idea, we are always happy to work on something special and custom for you to ensure things never feel stale with your apparel.