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There are many reasons why you get stuck with the apparel process:

  1. A coach or influential member is driving you nuts about the design. The last time you ordered, they made it so miserable you swore to never do another order again.

  2. You’re “not creative” so you don’t want to start the process because you’re worried your members won’t like your idea.

  3. It’s been so long since you last ordered you don’t even know what to offer.

Well, we’re here to get you "unstuck". The benefit of working with us is that we are going to coach you through this process. Just as you coach your clients when they get “stuck” during a strength or nutrition plateau, I’m going to help you get this process moving again. 

Here are our 3 tips to getting “unstuck”:

  1. Control your brand. It’s ok to delegate. It’s not ok to abdicate. If you have a feeling that your GM/Head coach are overcomplicating the process, take it out of their hands and make the final decision. Gym owners really feel this when they drag their feet about apparel around seasonal weather changes. When the weather turns from Summer to Fall, your members are looking for a new long sleeve. Have it ready to go on the first chilly morning. By waiting and dragging your feet, you can potentially miss out on a valuable sale. Again, your members are going out to buy new apparel, why not yours? By delaying the purchase, you run the risk of losing out on the sale. 

  2. When you work with us, we’re going to show you plenty of past work examples to give you some inspiration. If you truly have no idea what you want, let us design for you and trust us with the design. We work with hundreds of gyms and we are confident we’ll design something that is popular with your members. 

  3. If it’s been so long since you last ordered, that tells us you need a plan. We offer a free comprehensive apparel plan in 3, 6, and12 month increments.  Ask us about setting up a time to go over a plan specific to your gym. 

So if you’re stuck, shoot us a message and let us know how we can help.