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Apparel plan for the first half of 2020

For gym owners, Q1 was always an easy layup for apparel orders due to the Open taking up much of Q1. Now that the Open has been permanently moved, what now? In this post, I hope to provide some direction was to what you should be doing for for the next 6 months. I know most owners like to offer apparel “when it feels right”, but we’re going to take the guess work out of this and tell you exactly when to order.

February/March- This will be your last shot for ordering hoodies/zip ups/crewneck until the Fall.  If you dropped the ball on offering something in the beginning of winter, this is your last shot to try and sell a high ticket item like a pullover or zip up. From April-September, it is usually all tees and tanks.  If you’ve already offered a hoodie this year, this is the perfect time to offer a longsleeve or baseball tee option to help bridge the gap between Winter and Spring. 

April/May- This is a slam dunk time to offer apparel. Memorial Day provides an awesome opportunity to create a new design that is specifically geared towards the patriotic holiday. Whether you are doing a specific hero WOD or a RED themed month, we can help here. 

June/July- Summer designs. This is a great opportunity to switch things up and get away from the black, dark grey, and other dark colors that tend to dominate gym apparel. Summer designs are usually brighter garments (bright blues and greens) and different tank options. Will this appeal to everyone in the gym? Nope. That is not the point. The point is to stimulate some variety and break up the monotony of dark colors. This is a very strategic apparel idea and it will set you up for a bigger and better Fall.

That is 6 months worth of apparel. As always, stay tuned for our new design ideas. We’re working on new design ideas every month and we have a ton of new designs for 2020 in the works already. 

If you prefer some individual planning and something a little more specific to your gym, shoot us an email,  and we can carve out time for a quick phone call to go over your needs.