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7 Questions To Fix A Preorder

Do you feel like your preorder could use some more juice? Maybe it feels a little stale? I want to give you 7 questions to ask yourself and your staff to see what you can do to boost your preorder:
  1. Where did you let your members know the preorder is live? Facebook/Instagram? E-mail? Newsletter? Physical signs? List them
  2. How often did you let people know? How many times did you post or remind them? 
  3. Did you tell them how it can be purchased? Is it a link or a sign up sheet? Is it billed to their account at the end of the month?
  4. Did you let them know sizing samples are available? Sizing is a major determining factor for purchasing. As a reminder, most of the time, sizing samples are free. 
  5. Did you tell them that you are not ordering extra or you will have limited inventory that will be reserved for visitors?
  6. Did your staff announce reminders before and after class? 
  7. What incentive did you offer?
    For the full game plan on how to promote the preorder, check out this video: Marketing Package