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Example store: https://foreverfierce.com/collections/demo-store

Once the design is set, we put the items on your own private link. It is not mixed in with every other gym's designs.

I recommend about a 7 day preorder window.

We collect the payments for you and cut you a profit check at the end.

Our website is optimized to capture sales (countdown timers, cart recovery emails, seamless payment options like Apple, Google, and Paypal instant check out).

So for example IF the shirts are priced at 24.99 and your price per shirt is 15.99 for 35 items...you would be making $9 per shirt. I will provide pricing to you prior to launching the link

Other notes: 

 Our minimum order for a web store is 35 pieces per design.  If this is too many, our minimum order for sending me an order directly is only 24 pieces (please ask questions about this if you are unsure what I mean by this)

If you do not hit the 35 piece minimum, you have two options:

  1. You can order the difference to get to 35. For example, 20 total pieces are ordered. You can order 15 more for your inventory, I will bill you for the extra pieces, and we can proceed with the order.
  2. We can print under 35 pieces, but the cost per item will increase by $6 per item.

    In most cases, it will make sense to just order a few extra for inventory. There are always stragglers with web store orders and it is fine to have a little inventory on hand.  If you do not order extras and there is a misprint, we are sending you a refund for that item.

    You must fill out a W9 prior to receiving a link. You can fill this out here: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf.

    Here is how to fill out a W9 form: W9 Instructions

    Shipping: Customers will have the option of ship directly to them or local pick up. Local pick up meaning shipping your physical location. If you do not have a physical location, please encourage them to select the shipping option. If someone makes a mistake and selects the wrong shipping service, it is not a big deal. Just email us and we will figure it out.

    **All sales are final**. We are unable to exchange sizes or provide refunds due to sizing issues. We provide the size charts for all of our products and it is readily available. Since your order is 100% made to order, we do not have any extras left over to exchange or return. Obviously, we will replace an item if it is damaged or lost in transit but as far as “I just don’t want it anymore” or “This item is too big/small” or “I didn’t check my order before I ordered"… we don’t cover that.