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Running a preorder is our number 1 best strategy to keep this process sustainable and highly profitable.

The biggest issue that most businesses deal with when it comes to retail is the burden of excess inventory. You buy 100 shirts and hope and pray they sell quickly. It only takes 1 order of ordering too much inventory or ordering the wrong design to swear off offering apparel again. 

You should run a preorder for at least a week, collect most of the sizes up front, and collect money while the preorder is active. This will ensure that everything is paid for at the time of ordering.  You will have all your profit collected as well so you do not have to use up good cash flow on inventory that may sit for a while. While I definitely recommend some inventory (6-12 extra pieces), a preorder is the easiest way to ensure apparel and retail will never impact your core business and good cash flow. 


Option 1: Paper and Pencil Preorder: 

We can help with formal preorder sheets. From there, you would keep it at the front desk or pass it around before class if anyone wants a shirt/hoodie they can sign up.

From there, we recommend you collect payment up front so no one bails after everything is ordered and paid for on your end

Option 2: Online Form:

We can set it up as an online basic pre-order sign up: https://foreverfierce.typeform.com/to/kLW66j

There is no additional charge for this form.

If you would like each item packed individually for easy distribution it is just $1 extra per item. Example, John Smith orders 1 large tee. When you receive the box, John’s order will be package in it’s own bag, clearly labeled with his name and size. All you need to do is hand it to him. No more picking through a mountain of shirts to find a size.

This form DOES NOT collect payment. You will still need to collect payment from members or charge their account

Option 3: Webstore:

Our website is great if you want absolutely nothing to do with distributing shirts, collect payments. The minimum is higher for this service. It is a premium service and the minimum order is 35. 

For a lengthier discussion about online stores, please visit this link: Webstore Overview