We started working with OPEX® Tulsa and Okie CrossFit back in 2016 and it's been a great partnership. In that time, we've helped them come up with some amazing designs that have been hugely popular with their members. Here, Jake from OPEX® Tulsa and Okie CrossFit talks about how it's been to work with us … 

The main thing I was looking for was quality design, and that led me to Forever Fierce. I'd heard they were recommended, so I checked out some of their designs and they looked like the sort of thing I was after.

As well as quality design, I wanted to find a provider that offered timely fulfilment at a reasonable price, and I'm happy to say that Forever Fierce ticks both those boxes.

I wasn't looking for cheap shirts that I could sell as quickly as possible to make a few bucks. I wanted high-quality customized apparel for branding opportunities, and I wanted a partner I could trust to get the job done on time at a fair price.

My first impression was that the turnaround for proofs was really fast. I was really impressed and it was just what I was looking for. Settling up the payment was also easy, which saved me time and hassle. 

I'm happy to say that it hasn't changed a bit in all the time I've been working with Matt and the team.

As for how the customized tees and other items have helped business, I can safely say that business is booming, and that's partly because more and more t-shirt billboards are walking through the Tulsa market these days!

For quality products at a fair price, Forever Fierce delivers on all counts. They have helped us come up with some amazing designs. Choosing one in particular is tough, but I think the OPEX® Tulsa SnapBack design was my personal favorite.