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Where do I even begin with this one? Matt Michaud at EverProven CrossFit in Dover, New Hampshire was the FIRST box to work with us in 2014. It is amazing to see how much this has grown due to his unwavering support. Consider Matt on the Mt. Rushmore of Forever Fierce clients. I'll let Matt explain how and why he continues to work with us: 

We first started working with Forever Fierce after Matt reached out and introduced himself. He offered to show us a few designs, and we were so impressed that we knew there and then that we wanted to work together.

It was clear right from the start that you guys really cared about wanting to help us—rather than just trying to making a quick buck. We were immediately struck by the way you were willing to go above and beyond to help us get the designs we were looking for, even when we didn't even ask for it!

This has continued for every design we've ordered, so that now if we need a design or even something new or different, we know that Matt and Forever Fierce will be there to deliver what we need. 

One of the big advantages for EverProven CrossFit has been the way the designs have helped us to establish our brand and bring our community together. Whenever we order something new, everyone in the gym wants it as soon as they see it.

And it really helps us to stand out and bring in new business. We've had several people contact us with interest in checking out our gym after seeing someone wearing one of our hoodies or T-shirts. 

We'll absolutely be using Forever Fierce for more designs as we grow and expand our brand. For example, we recently added a new sports performance division targeted towards sports teams and young athletes. We are planning to partner with Forever Fierce to help solidify this part of our brand and help it to stand out in the community.

We've got so many amazing designs from Matt and the team that's it's hard to choose just one as our favorite. So I guess our favorite design would be all of them!



I was checking out the TwoBrain Business Facebook group the other day and Sara from CrossFit Reanimated brought up the hotly debated topic: a coach/staff dress code

As someone who has awkwardly walked into many, many boxes asking “do you work here?”, you should absolutely have some type of dress code or uniform for coaches. If you walk into most businesses, the employees are wearing uniforms. Your coaches should too. 

This isn’t to say they need to wear business casual clothing. You can still have something fun and casual they can wear and be comfortable in during the day. 

Maybe you don’t like men wearing tanks. Maybe your coaches wear another gym’s shirt (happens more than you think). Maybe you don’t like it when men wear hats indoors. The easiest way to not have to deal with these issues is to just have the acceptable uniform for your coaches.

We have two options for affiliate owners who are looking to implement a coach uniform: 

Option 1: You can add it to an existing design. 

Let's say you have a Summer tee design going right now. You REALLY need coach shirts but don't have the time to coordinate a full blown coach design, we can simply print "COACH" on the back of the tee or tank for an extra few bucks. 

Option 2: Come up with a custom coach package. 

This will ensure everyone has a standard uniform to wear. A custom coach package might have 4 tees, a longsleeve, and a hoodie. That way, there is no thinking about what your employees have to wear to work. 

Each option has it's pros and cons. But, we're here to help you navigate this! Shoot us an e-mail and let's figure out which option works best for you. 



Choose a Classic Design for Your Summer Visitors

Thanks for visiting!
So you're thinking about getting some classic tees in for summer? Great decision!
If your drop-ins increase over the summer months (as they often do), you'll have a stash of stylish tees ready for them to take away.
This is great for them because they get a high-quality tee to remind them of your visit, and it's great for you because it builds goodwill and will help to spread the word about your gym far and wide.

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Here's the deal:

  • We've just launched a special offer on classic tees, all of which are simple front-only designs. 
  • Just choose a design (or a selection of designs), and take advantage of our discount price for the next few weeks.
  • Check out the selection below to find something you like, then just drop me an email to make your order.


Send us an e-mail today today to get started

If you've ever used us before, you'll know we're FAST! You'll have your tees ready and waiting for your drop-ins in no time.
Thanks for your interest, and here some ideas: